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A personalised and thoughtful tea gift for someone special this Christmas?


The Art of Gift Giving

The holidays are a time for gratitude, celebrations, family, friends and of course, gifts. It is sometimes easy to lose sight of what really matters and overlook the art of thoughtful gift giving. At Byron Bay Tea Company, we have put together some of our in-house favourites to help you so that gift giving does not get you down this season.

The Gift of Tea

With a wide range of deliciously healthy, healing teas made with organic & natural ingredients there is something to suit everyone in our range, with all tastes and requirements covered. Whilst English Breakfast and Chai are always a winner at this festive time; some of our most popular herbal blends such as Energy, Calming, Immunity and Tummy Tone are also popular for those looking for a more heartfelt, personalised and thoughtful gift. These herbals are also some of our most popular Summer Iced Teas.


With sustainability at the forefront of what we do, a gift from us will also help the gift giver to rest easy knowing that the packaging is recyclable or reusable and the teabags biodegradable and plastic-free. Also, proudly supporting SAVE THE BEES Australia, you can be confident that Byron Bay Tea Company does all it can to promote a healthy body and a healthy planet.

Personalise It

Our top pick this season at Byron Bay Tea Company is the Make Your Own option that we offer so that you can really personalise your gift for someone special. Check out our four options below-:

A) Tea Time- Two boxes of your choice with a teacup infuser and packaged in a BBTC drawstring bag.


B) The Awesome Foursome- Four boxes of your choice packaged in a BBTC drawstring bag.


C) The Perfect Pair- Two Tins of your choice packaged in a BBTC drawstring bag.


D) Tea Sampler- 10 sachets of your choice packaged in a BBTC drawstring bag.


Please let us know (via a note on your order) if you would like us to write a heartfelt note on your behalf and we can provide this service free of charge.

Some Other Favourites

1. Byron Bay in a Bag


Price- $15.00

A selection of our favourite organic herbal teas for health that have been hand-blended by us, so you can be your best! Packaged in our BBTC drawstring bag and makes approximately 25 cups of tea. Contents- 10 loose tea sachets including Energy, Calming, Digest, Immunity, Detox, Glow, Tummy Tone, Ginger Zing, Fortify and Spice Dream.

2. Byron Bay Adventurer


Price $15.00

A selection of our favourite traditional, oriental and organic herbal teas for the adventurous tea drinker! Packaged in our BBTC drawstring bag and makes approximately 25 cups of tea. Contents- 10 loose tea sachets including English Breakfast, Green, White, Spice Dream, Fortify, Energy, Calming, Digest, Immunity and Ginger Zing.

3. Summer Gift Collection


Price- $59.95

Contents- 4 loose tea boxes including Energy, Calming, Digest and Immunity packaged in our BBTC drawstring bag and makes approximately 140 cups of tea. 

Summer: Nourish & Nurture

Immerse yourself in the magic of Wategos Beach with this collection of Saritas Top 4 teas to drink in SUMMER. Summer is a time of abundant energy, long sunshine-filled days and warmth. One of the most important things that you can do to support your health in Summer is to drink plenty of water and cooling herbal teas. This is a selection of teas that contain herbs that in Traditional Chinese Medicine are considered cooling and will help to keep the body balanced in Summer, particularly when prepared as Iced Teas. 

4. Chai Tin


Price- $59.95 for loose leaf and $63.95 for biodegradable pyramid teabags

Contents- 300g (110 cups)

An exquisite spiced Chai makes the perfect Christmas gift this season. Black tea has been blended with traditional Indian spices and some native Australian ingredients to give it the Byron Bay Tea Company touch! One of our most popular, best-selling teas and packaged in an attractive and practical way to store and access Chai tea. 

5. Teacup Infuser


Price- $9.95 

This is a must have for any tea drinker and is perfectly paired with any loose tea gift. This is a deep mesh infuser with a wooden handle and special hook that can hang on the side of a cup or mug. It makes brewing a top quality loose tea so easy!

6. BBTC Drawstring Gift Bags


Price- Small $2.50 and Large $3.00 

Our Byron Bay Tea Company branded drawstring bags are a stunning way for you to package your tea gifts.

These are available in two sizes-:

  • Small- suitable for 10 sachet or one box and a teacup infuser
  • Large- suitable for 2 boxes with a teacup infuser; 4 boxes or 1-2 tins.


We hope you get plenty ideas above on how to create some really thoughtful and personalised gifts for family and friends. This Christmas. Please do keep in mind that it is the busiest time for our couriers so place your orders early to ensure they arrive in time before Christmas.


Sarita & The BBTC Team x