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Tea sampling is a simple but effective way to engage customers with tea. The process is extremely cost effective and yields great returns. People like to try before they buy! And, we know that most people will try the teas and love the flavours so they are "sold" on the product quickly. We have found that customers that set this up in their tea service area, will yield 3-4 times tea sales.

To take some of the effort out of it, we have provided a sampling package, which you can purchase in our tea portal. Of course, if you wish to do something similar with your own set up - we encourage it. 

Below are our tips for great sampling:

Customer Interest

Ensure the tea you pick, is something that will resonate with your typical tea service audience. Often, you will hear signs around caffeine alternatives, or healthy tonics to provide benefits.



Tea Knowledge

Once you have picked your tea, we suggest that you become familiar with the ingredients, tasting notes, health benefits to engage with your customer. Tea Sampling is an interactive and fun way for your customers to get to know our product if they can see, feel, smell and taste the product.



Tea Cards - “What's Brewing”

We have created a simple A5 “Tea Cards” which have the tasting notes, health benefits and ingredients that your customer will experience. These cards don’t take up much room and provide an easy reference point for customers when you are busy.



Tea Preparation

We have created a package, but in essence, one jug should do you an entire day. The actual cost of making this sampling jug will be around $1 of tea. We suggest you follow our brewing tips to make sure it's made to perfection


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Tea Service

A lot like Filter coffee, you can set up another jug for Tea ready to go for orders. It means it has been brewed and ready to drink - saving you time and ensuring a top quality experience. We also have an Iced Tea Jug that can be used for sampling Iced teas in the hot summer months.


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