"I am LOVING your Immunity Tea which I tasted following a beautiful massage at Bodhi J in Wembley (Perth).  It was great they had a box that I could purchase. I haven’t had a blend so yummy that is full of such goodness (including echinacea) and tastes delicious. What a great product! Congratulations."

Tess Meldrum, North Perth

"The best teas 🙌💗obsessed since trying them at Elements in Byron. Haven’t stopped drinking since. Have taken over my *another brand* obsession. And my need for stevia constantly!"


"Congratulations on a superior tasting tea, a pure delight to drink. I have been enjoying leaf tea at Byron @ Byron for some time, I asked them what tea it was and they said BBTC. I am delighted I can buy such a wonderful tea from my local area. I have been drinking an alternate brand for decades, but I feel it is time for a change."

Jo, Byron Bay

"We met Roe at the Markets where she was very helpful about information on your teas. My sister has trouble with her liver and swelling with her knee. I bought some detox for her for Christmas. She was very excited and is taking some daily with a bit of reminding, will let you know how she is going. I would like to tell you of my amazing journey on your immunity tea. I first saw your tea at a beauty expo at Sydney Darling Harbour which I bought a sampler pack, I have a small massage business with a great group of clients. I tried your teas and was impressed with the taste and quality of them hot or cold. Over the last four years even with regular flu shots healthy diet and exercise I have had the worst flu seasons nearly in hospital every year for the whole winter. I developed asthma and lung problems. I was on various puffers medications and steroids all the time. Last summer I sat down and tried to find some other additional therapy that I could try when I came across your pamphlets on teas so I sent for the large tin of immunity tea and had at least 3 to 4 cups a day. As winter approached my husband started to worry here we go again flu shots as soon as they came out all the drugs stocked up. I even started to give my husband the immunity tea which he loves hot or cold. We have 7 children and 9 grandchildren so winter with grandma is strictly a no go if there is a sniffle. Well my husband had a back problem ended up in hospital I was looking after the grandkids due to sickness with our kids and so far I have not had a cold my husband has not had a cold all winter. I had blood tests as my doctor could not believe why my immune system has become so strong. I have been taken off all the puffers and steroids and have not felt so good in many years. We really do believe it is the tea and taking it before winter I think built up our immune system. We get at least three cups out of one tea spoon which I put in disposable tea bags. It works great. I can not tell you how great your tea has been to myself and my husband. To get through a very bad flu season with no coughs and colds is remarkable. My doctor is very interested in my journey with this tea and has said to keep having it, I have regular check ups and he said I am getting better and better each test. Keep up this wonderful work with producing such a high quality and perfect blend of tea. Will let you know how my next winter goes."

Christine, Sydney

"We absolutely adore serving our customers your tea here in our garden after a massage- they always comment that there really is no better way to end their time here- and they leave in a little bubble of bliss! This month we are going with the Sencha and Calming range, but we are going with Buddha's Tears next as we feel it very much suits out Thai Day Spa! Many blessings & Much love, From all of the team and very happy tea drinkers at iDo Thai Day Spa X"

Keira Kristin, Brisbane

"Its a good morning, that tea (organic sencha green) is amazing, good choice!"

Amanda, Dysart

"First came across these teas at Bangalow food festival in 2014. Was diagnosed with a serious illness two and a half years ago, so really have to keep my immune system healthy. I alternate between the immunity and ginger zing. I drink these teas every single day. Love the taste of both teas, I even mix the two together. Love that taste as well. Thanks Byron Bay Tea. Love your teas."

Kathryn England, Beenleigh Qld

"Great customer service and super speedy delivery. LOVE your bags!! Thank you!"

Georgie, Melbourne

"Hi everyone, I first came across the Byron Bay Tea Company at a retreat and have loved the teas ever since. It is such a delight to have such beautifully balanced teas and be able to share them with clients during workshops. Keep up the good work. Kind regards Lynne The Wisdom Well"

Lynne, Ballarat

"Just wanted to say thank you for the great customer service. I ordered the wrong bag and it was so easy to fix up! Love my bag too thanks!"

Holly Andrews, Sydney

"Dear BBTC, I just wanted to write you as I sip my 3rd (!) Dandylicious for the day. I am addicted. It's the best roasted Dandelion mixture I've ever had (and I've tried many). My favourite way to make it is with an Aeropress, and a splash of cows milk. It's a luxury for Canberra autumn. My only issue is I drink so many more cups of it than the one cup of coffee I used to have, because I feel like it's much healthier- but when do you hit the 'excessive consumption' limit? I googled but didn't find anything, so I assume I will be fine (although ordering from your website much more frequently than I expected!)"

Lara, Canberra

"So in love with my order! Such speedy delivery too, I ordered on Thursday and my bag arrived on Friday. Made my weekend :) thank you xx"

Ally, Melbourne

"As a Remedial Massage Therapist I give all my clients a small cup of these herbal teas, and the clients love the Byron Bay Teas best of all, so I am sticking with them."

Brony Gould, Branxton

"Your tea is amazing, I love your products and this is honestly my favourite website to go to. I am so excited to one day come to your store and meet you all. Thank you for creating beautiful tea, it really is magical and fuels my soul"

Ela, Marrickville

"Wow guys thanks so much for the awesome service! My email was replied to straight away and was really helpful. Will definitely be shopping online with you in the future!"

Mackay, Melbourne