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When you partner with Byron Bay Tea Company, it's not a transactional approach. We believe tea is more than just an add-on to a menu, but a rich steeped cultural tradition that permeates through the quality of our products in tea service. A little knowledge can go a long way to help customers be transported to a magical place with a sip of tea. We have shared all of our insights so your business can be ready for the tea ceremony!

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The Byron Bay Tea Company Difference

Our Story

“When I began Byron Bay Tea Company in 2003, tea tasting at a little market stall in Byron Bay, my mission was simple; To combine my love of teas with the best and freshest seasonal ingredients I could find, whilst honouring the rich history of tea across cultures. I really wanted the teas to combine both the medicinal benefits of plants with the flavours that mother nature provides.

As a naturopath and mother, Byron Bay is a really special place with a healing magic emanating from the land, that's why we continue to hand blend the products here to ensure the quality and essence of Byron Bay is within every drop of tea for our customers.

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Our ethos and philosophy is centred around improving the wellbeing of the individual as well as the planet. You will see this in our new packaging design as well as our ongoing pursuit for quality. It’s a product we’re really proud of. We’re humbled to be able to bring a little slice of our paradise to the world in our healing range of teas.”


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What we stand for: Quality, Freshness and Service

For over 14 years, we have built our business on quality fresh products, delivered with a personable service. It's an ongoing journey and pursuit, and something we believe makes Byron Bay Tea Company stand out from other tea companies.

Certified Organic & Wild Crafted

We use certified organic, wild-crafted and pesticide free ingredients in our tea and herbal blends.



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Best Before

Like all products, the fresher the better. Our herbs and tea are freshly packed and have a 24 month best before date. We run a lean and quick turn around and the best packaging to store your product in.


All standard orders will be picked and packed in a business 24 hour turnaround. Where orders are bespoke in terms of quantities and requirements, we will quote a timeframe where possible to meet your business expectations. We have been known for our quality and friendly service, so don't feel afraid to contact us.

The Journey from Leaf to Cup

Knowing the source of your ingredients is vital. Over the past 14 years, in the pursuit of the best cup of tea, we have been lucky to partner with some of the best tea and herb producers around the world.

Fairly Traded

We select tea and herbs in an ethical and sustainable process. Our tea comes from the small family tea plantations, small village production, and tightly controlled tea co-operatives.  We pay them a fair price for their tea.


Sustainable Production

Traditional tea production is sustainable on many levels. A traditional tea plantation does not make use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers. It uses time-honoured methods of pest control. Learn More

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Tea 101, what you need to know about Tea!

Tea is steeped in history. We want to take you on a journey to explore how a little more knowledge enriches the flavour profile of the tea your customers drink. Equipping everyone who is serving the tea with insights, brings the story to the experience. Please share this page with your staff and enjoy our samples!

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What Makes Good Quality Tea?

  1. Quality tea begins at the source, working with quality producers ensures a quality product. Tea growing and tea production is an art that began long before pesticides were introduced and we like to use tea plantations that have this generational experience.

  2. Tea Tasting techniques are a similar process to wine tasting! There is a technique, key things to look for and a distinct difference between good tea and great tea.


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What’s the Difference between Tea and Herbal Tea?

“Tea” technically only comes from the Camellia sinensis plant and includes four types of tea; Green Tea, Black Tea, Oolong Tea and White Tea. “Herbal tea” or “Tisanes” on the other hand, are infusions made from anything other than the leaves of the tea plant. Read More

What are the Health Properties of the Byron Bay Tea Company Teas?

The healthy beverage market is booming in Australia with everything from Herbal teas, Iced teas, Kombucha, Kefir and so much more on offer. People are becoming more health conscious and making choices based on how good the beverage will be for them. At Byron Bay Tea Company, we believe that this is a good selling point and having the knowledge on how the various teas can benefit health is really important. Here is a summary of the Health Benefits of the Byron Bay Tea Company teas. It’s important to understand that there is a distinction between tea and herbal teas. Below is the health properties of the “tea leaf”, the plant- Camellia sinensis.

Health Properties of the Tea Leaf

1. Antioxidant Protection

Tea contains an abundant source of natural plant-derived antioxidant compounds called polyphenols. In this broad polyphenol class of antioxidants are flavanoids and catechins, which have been shown in many studies to provide protective antioxidant action against harmful free radicals that can damage DNA, cell membranes and other cell components.

2. General Nutrition

Consuming four cups of tea a day can provide one with-:


  • 17% of the recommended daily intake of calcium
  • 5% for zinc
  • 22% for vitamin B2
  • 5% for folic acid
  • 5% for vitamin B1 and B6It also contains trace amounts of manganese and potassium [3]

3. Cancer Treatment & Prevention

There are many studies that have indicated that green tea may help protect against a range of cancers (including prostate, lung, bowel and breast cancer).

4. Cardiovascular Support

While free radicals are a major cause of heart disease, tea that contains a high level of antioxidants that fight free radicals may help to inhibit the development of heart disease and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

5. Increasing Mental Alertness and Reducing Anxiety and Stress

The amino acid L-theanine, which is found in the tea plant, has been known to have a profound effect on the nervous system.

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What Tea to Stock

What are Tea Drinkers in Australia Looking for?

Statistics in recent years show that people in Australia are drinking less coffee and more tea.  The segments growing at the fastest rates are the Green and Herbal teas. This indicates that people are becoming more health conscious and discerning when it comes to their tea choices. We believe that it is simply not enough offering your regular old English Breakfast, Earl Grey and Peppermint tea anymore.

A menu catering to all types of tea drinkers is important and in light of the healthy beverage market booming- we believe that including some of the BBTC herbal teas that have functional benefits, will help to capture a wider market and increase your tea sales.

What Teas should I Serve/Stock in my Business?

We know that choosing what teas to serve or sell in your business can be difficult- especially if you are not a tea drinker yourself. That’s why we have put together some ideas in Best Teas to Stock providing some guidance on what to consider in your selection process.

We have created two sample menus, which you can copy into a menu or display. Of course, we love to wordsmith and help craft a menu suitable for you.

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What is better; Teabags or Loose Leaf?

Is a common question we are asked from our customers. We know that sometimes in tea service, teabags are the only option possible. To ensure quality and freshness, all of our tea bags are packaged to demand and have the same unbroken loose leaf in a teabag. Our teabags are an advanced shape to ensure the best infusion of tea in a cup and made from biodegradable packaging material.

Not all tea companies feel the same way, which is why you can find cheaper products out in the market. Typically many pyramid teabags are made from a nylon-derivative and contain the “fannings and dust” of the tea leaf- not the high-quality full leaf tea. If your customers are discerning tea drinkers, they will know the difference.


Tea Service

How to Maintain Freshness and Quality: Best ways to store tea

Most tea and herbal blends shelf life are around 10-12 months. We have a slightly longer 2 YR shelf life. This is down to two factors:

  1. Our tea doesn't sit around longer than it has to. We know demand and have our ingredients arrive fresh and ready to be packaged for our customers.

  2. We use storage and packaging that is air, light and moisture protective.

We understand that not all businesses will have the resources to conduct a staff training so we have put together a Tea Education document that will provide some basics around tea; the health properties and flavour profiles of the teas that you may be serving/selling; some background to Byron Bay Tea Company; where we source our ingredients and some Brewing Tips. We believe that if your staff have some knowledge around the tea products- they will sell more. Please also don’t hesitate to request some sample sachets so that your staff can brew them at home.

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How do you Brew Tea?

Brewing the teas properly is an essential part of the implementation process. There’s no point serving top quality tea if it is brewed incorrectly. One common mistake that many people make is brewing Green tea with boiling water that can scorch the tealeaves and create a very bitter flavour. We have put together our best Brewing Tips to guide you on how to brew each tea and we also have this information on the backs of the products for your reference.


How to best promote your Tea

Tea Tasting Tips & Sampling

Like wine tasting, tea tasting is an art.  We encourage you to read our article on tea tasting tips and encourage you to set up tea sampling at your premises. It's a fantastic way for you to pass on the benefits of our tea to your customers.

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Social Media & Signage

Tea in the digital age! We have spent quite some time creating some fantastic social media content and signage options that we hope bring our tea to life with visuals. Once you become a wholesaler, we will give you access to all of our branding and social media assets that will bring tea to life online.

Quarterly Promotions

Connected to the seasons, we have focused on key teas that you can promote to your customers for optimum health.

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We are proudly stocked throughout Australia and around the Globe. We love to partner with like-minded businesses- from lifestyle resorts to restaurants and coffee roasters- those who share similar values and principles. 
f you believe Byron Bay Tea Company is a great fit for your business, please follow our simple enquiry process and we will be in touch to discuss how we can partner with you.