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Why Boost the Immune System in Winter?


It's peak flu season. You're cold, rugged up and squashed on public transport or in the lift at work. You hear a hacking cough, or feel the droplets of a sneeze land on your neck. No matter how much we try to minimise our exposure to respiratory viruses, it's far more difficult in winter when we spend so much time in close proximity to other people.

On top of this, viruses tend to be more stable in colder and drier conditions, which means they stick around for longer.

The common cold is caused by more than 200 different viruses the most common of which are rhinoviruses (rhino meaning nose). Rhinovirus infections tend to be mild; you might get a sore throat and a head cold lasting just a few days.

Influenza, or the flu, is generally caused by type A or B influenza viruses. The flu is far more aggressive and often includes a fever, fatigue and body aches, in addition to all the classic cold symptoms.


Is this Immune Recharge program right for me?

When it comes to getting sick, there's always an element of bad luck involved. And some people, particularly those with young children or public transport commuters, are likely to come into contact with more viruses.

But you may have noticed that illness often strikes when you're stressed at work, not sleeping properly, or you've been burning the candle at both ends. The health of our immune system plays an important role in determining how we can defend against invading cold and flu viruses. That’s why this program has been designed to give you protection so that if you are exposed, the infection doesn’t last long and the symptoms are mild.


What to Expect from the Program


The Winter - Immune System Recharge Program is designed to get you in tip-top shape for winter so that you are not catching every bug that you come into contact with, and so that if you do, it doesn’t last too long or keep you bed-ridden for days. You should feel energised, strong and well and in a better position to enjoy the cold and wintery days ahead.

The program is broken down into four weeks-:

Week 1: Preparing for the Colder Winter months
This includes general dietary and lifestyle advice to support your body in the colder winter months from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective.

Week 2: How to Beat the Winter Sniffles
This includes my top tips to help fight infection if a cold or flu has taken a hold including nutrient support and my favourite chicken soup recipe.

Week 3: Clean up your Diet & Eliminate any Common Allergic Foods
A clean, wholefood diet and proper digestion is the foundation of health. Removing any allergic foods is paramount to support the immune system. This contains detailed information on what foods to avoid; what foods to include, and my top tips for proper digestion.

Week 4: Increase your Intake of Medicinal Mushrooms to Fortify your Health
Medicinal mushrooms are the most potent immune-boosting substances in nature and one of my favourite foods to incorporate in the diet and to use as a supplement. Find out more about these amazing mushrooms in Week 4 with some great tips on how to use them along with some delicious recipes.


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Immune Recharge Collection

Our Immune Recharge Collection includes my top four teas for winter- Chai, Immunity, Ginger Zing and Fortify- all in one bundle at a discounted rate of 15%. Purchased separately- $70.80 or purchased as a bundle for only $59.95.