At Byron Bay Tea Company, we understand that many of you may be new to tea and know very little. As tea is fast becoming a very popular beverage in Australia, we believe that it is important to understand the basics about the product that you are serving and selling. So, below you will find out more about us and our products.

Chapter 1: The Byron Bay Tea Company Difference

Our Story | What we stand for Quality, Freshness and Service | The journey from Leaf to Cup

Chapter 2: Tea 101, a 20 min overview to become a tea master!

What Makes Good Quality Tea? | What’s the Difference between Tea and Herbal Tea? | What are the Health Properties of the Byron Bay Tea Company Teas?

Chapter 3: What Tea to Stock

What are Tea Drinkers in Australia Looking for? | What Teas should I Serve/Stock in my Business | What is better; Teabags or Loose Leaf?


BBTC Tea Portal- This can be used as an online catalogue for ordering as well as a resource on “everything tea”- to help you on your journey in implementing our product successfully into your business.

Setup: Save this link as a bookmark, or alternatively, there is a section on our main website; 

  • click “wholesale” on the main menu
  • Then click “shop wholesale” you will find the tea portal

Saving your Favourites: If you have specific items you order each time, you can “Like” them in the portal and then go to the “favourites section” in the top right hand corner of the portal.

My Account: Within the footer, you can see all the previous orders, update mailing, or billing address.

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Tea in the digital age! We have spent quite some time refreshing our brand and creating some fantastic social media content that we hope bring our tea to life with visuals. We know you work in a fast paced environment, so we have sped up the process by providing you with all the key information you require to promote our tea brand to customers

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Whether you are a tea time tenderfoot or a serious sipper, we know that making a tea selection for your new business can be a daunting task. Most Australian tea drinkers expect to find something a little more interesting than just an English Breakfast or plain Peppermint  tea on a cafe menu or on a retail shelf. We also know that the Australian tea drinker has become quite discerning and knows the difference between a good and a bad cuppa. Stocking and serving high-quality teas has become really important. For inspiration check out our Best Teas to Stock.

We have put together some first order suggestions depending on your business type below, just to get you started-:

Tea Service (cafes & restaurants)- large tins
Retail Space- boxes
Hampers- boxes or sachets
Hotels, in-rooms- boxes or sachets

You might also find the following information helpful:

What Teas to Stock

tea menus

We have crafted 2 options for you- a detailed and summarised version. You can use or edit this as you wish to create your own tea menu for your business. It’s so  important that you communicate effectively what you are serving and selling so your customers know what flavours to expect! Whether this is via a blackboard or in a menu for table service, this is a must to help you implement the teas successfully into your business.


It’s not worth serving great quality tea if it isn’t brewed very well, right?! This is why it is so important that you and your staff follow our suggested brewing tips for each tea. 

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We are always happy to work with you on helping to promote our products in your business and welcome any ideas on how we can collaborate. For example, if you plan on having an opening special or a promotional event- perhaps we could supply the tea for you to sample or we could provide a gift with purchase to help with sales on the introduction of the tea to your store. Cross promotional opportunities on social media also exist and can be utilised to mutually benefit both parties. 

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There is a huge benefit in sampling our product- people like to try before they buy! And, we know that most people will try the teas and love the flavours so they are "sold" on the product quickly. We have resourced and grouped all the items you require to do this to keep it really simple for you. It includes everything you will need from brewing, to presentation and to sampling- really helping to create a tea drinking experience for your customers. It is an interactive and fun way for your customers to get to know our product if they can see, feel, smell and taste the product.

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Customer Feedback

Your feedback matters to us! Our first survey led to all the changes you see today. To ensure we keep making the right changes, we like to continue to capture feedback via surveys- or if you'd prefer, we can do this over the phone. The survey should only take 5-10min to complete.

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Customer Referral

We have received some great referrals from some of our customers, so we have decided to formalise a referral program that benefits both parties. If you refer a qualified wholesaler that places an order with us, you will receive a 10% discount code to use on your next order.

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Cool down with these BBTC iced tea recipes. Click on the image above to view our free booklet.

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